Mochila Bag Wayuu C-16

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Mochilas Wayuu are bags that can be worn over the shoulder, like a purse, and come in various different colors and patterns. In recent years, sales of these bags has been growing on an international scale representing an elegant and practical fashion accessory. These bags are made in northern Colombia in the state of La Guajira.  The Wayuu people are part of the indigenous community that have spent hundreds of years producing these bags.

These bags are made by the indigenous women who crochet cotton thread using either double thread or single thread weaving styles. Women often learn this craft from a very young age. The design, patterning, and coloring of the bags are influenced by the people’s culture and customs. In Colombia, the people of the Guajira region are very poor. They tend to live in small huts with little access to clean water. The region is also susceptible to long droughts. In general, it takes a Wayuu woman 10-15 days to produce one bag, depending on the complexity, it could take up to 20 days. The Wayuu women are very dependent on crocheting these bags because it is often their only means of making a living.

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