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ORIGEN is a Colombian watch brand that was born from the idea of ​​offering an ecological product with an artistic and functional value, based on the vision of promoting ecological awareness through the use of biodegradable and renewable materials that do not affect the environment.  Origen’s name comes from the concept of retaking ancestral origins and using these natural elements in a product that puts us in contact with nature. The raw materials used are Colombian and the designs are inspired by Colombian ethnic culture.

The watches are made with natural raw materials, such as tagua, bamboo, various woods, seeds, natural fibers, and leather. The raw material goes through a strict quality control to ensure that their biodegradable and renewable characteristics do not affect the ecosystem.

It takes between 6 and 10 hours to produce a single watch. These watches are produced mostly by single mothers who are the head of the household. Also, in most cases, the raw material suppliers are part of local ethnic groups complying with our social mission and cultural promotion.

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