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  • Supporting Women Artisans in Latin America

    Women artisans create some of the most beautiful hand crafts around the world. They have been doing this for centuries. Their work entails tireless hours of mastering and evolving their craft. Each creation is a master piece and should be treated as such. Unfortunately, the number of intermediaries and blatant disregard for the real value of their work, hasn’t resulted in women producers getting their fair share. In many cases, these producers are low income women or single mothers that are trying to make ends meet.

    Sunrise Sands, LLC consolidates the supply chain by providing direct access to consumers through its online store and eliminates as many middlemen as possible to get the products efficiently to the buyers. Sunrise Sands, LLC works only with women producers and prioritizes those in vulnerable situations.

    As a socially and environmentally conscious importer, we not only serve as a strong and committed buyer, but also as a friend in the community. We provide free technical assistance to our women producers covering topics such as business finance, accounting, marketing, design, and strategy as well as women empowerment training in the community.

    Technical assistance is provided by professionals with deep experience in these areas. This is our way of sharing Sunrise Sands’ profits with our producers while having a strong impact on their daily lives. The name Sunrise Sands is a symbol of hope and prosperity for the future as we all strive to do good in the world.